Accelerate Growth with AccelarPath

Optimize Pathways in the Enterprise Value Chains

There are millions of ways how companies can flow their assets and products through the supply chain. Our ML algorithms process the millions of supply chain pathways and their combinations and identify the pathways with highest value according to your companies goals: improving ROI, customer satisfaction, optimizing delivery times and many others – high complexity in 3 easy steps:

  • Identify possible manufacturing and supply chain pathways based on historical data from order entries, inventory levels, fulfillment, relevant events captured in the manufacturing or service processes combined with strategic considerations such as network strategies, transportation modes etc.
  • Simulate impact on ROI, production or delivery time, etc.
  • Identify highest value pathways for overall optimization.

Forecast Demand Reliably

We help operations leaders strike the balance between the just-in-time and just-in-case  production and storage models through a robust and adaptive planning:

    • Twelve (12) months ahead demand forecasting on a weekly basis
    • Breakdown of demand forecasts per customers, product families, lines and individual products and many more.
    • Leverage numerous external and enterprise-wide factors
    • Continuous improvement of forecasting algorithms accuracy through ML driven ongoing detection of new factors with impact on enterprise workflows and supply chains

Receive Recommendations for Interventions, Alerts and Notifications

Receive recommendations, alerts or notifications per email or text, when:

      • A certain action is recommended – e.g. placing an order, increasing the inventory level etc.
      • An increased risk for service or supply chain failure is detected

Watch Video: Find the pathways delivering best overall value = best outcomes for dollar spent.

What we cover:

    1. The Challenge: examples of staggering wasteful spending and lost revenue opportunities (0:00)
    2. The Solution: Identify Value Pathways (01:42)
    3. Why MSIDE Solutions (02:40)

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