Approval Clarity and Revenue Growth

Stay Ahead of Payment Trends and Improve Approval Rate with AI-Driven Insights

Our cutting-edge AccelarMed AI platform helps healthcare, life science and biotechnology organizations navigate the complexities of reimbursement and unlock payment potential in real-time.

Maximize Approval Rates

Predict denial risk with precision and uncover targeted interventions to boost approval rates. By analyzing the root cause of potential denials, our system provides actionable recommendations, such as refining diagnoses and procedure codes, to ensure claims are accurate and complete before submission.

With AccelarMed OptiClaim Pro, you’ll have the power to anticipate denials in real-time and find mitigation strategies, maximizing revenue and minimizing frustration.

Effortless Transactions: Seamlessly connect with your RCM for a hassle-free experience

The AccelarMed AI platform seamlessly integrates with your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system through REST API, embedding our advanced logic into the claim submission workflow. This enables real-time evaluation of payment risk and targeted intervention suggestions to minimize denials.

Smart Learning: Unlock Payer Intelligence

Our pre-trained models have been refined over 6 years, analyzing millions of claims data points to develop a deep understanding of payer behaviors, policy guidelines, and the newest emerging evidence from clinical publications.

With AccelarMed OptiClaim Pro you gain instant access to new coverage opportunities based on new treatment pathways that align with your product’s strengths. Align your pricing and reimbursement to the tangible value your product brings to patients and payers.

Clarity in Action: Inform your Strategy and Planning

Our intuitive dashboards and reports provide a clear, data-driven snapshot of the AI-driven insights, instantly highlighting areas of opportunity for improvement. At a glance, users can identify trends, patterns, and anomalies that may be impacting revenue performance. Moreover, our visualizations empower proactive intervention planning, aligning with long-term goals of payer and provider engagement.

Get Suggestions for Targeted Interventions

With actionable recommendations, users can develop with ease targeted strategies to address identified gaps. For instance, with AccelarMed Lumina you can generate justification letters or newsletters, enabling personalized communication with payers and providers to resolve issues and prevent future denials.

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