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Postmarketing Surveillance with RWD

Stay ahead: Monitor Product Performance in the Real World with Cutting-edge data. Understand Longitudinal Patient Trajectories to enhance the Safety, Efficacy and Real-world Effectiveness of your products and services.
Market Intelligence and Value-Driven ROI

Maximize reimbursement by matching ROI with real Patient, Payer, and Provider value. Tap into market insights using Real-World Data and Clinical Research, tailored to Payer Policies and powered by cutting-edge machine learning and advanced analytics.
Revenue Performance Intelligence

Unlock Revenue Potential: Stay Ahead of Payment Trends and Avoid Denials with AI-Driven Insights. Understand payment risk and leverage real-time intervention suggestions to unlock the full revenue potential of your products and services.

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    Post-Marketing Surveillance with Real-World Data

    Revolutionizing Post-Marketing Surveillance with AI and Real World Data

    In today’s fast-paced healthcare landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The key to success lies in monitoring product performance in real time, using advanced data analytics to understand longitudinal patient trajectories. This approach not only enhances the safety and efficacy of your products and services but also ensures their real-world effectiveness. By leveraging AI-driven analysis of claims, clinical data, patient-reported outcomes, and genomic data, you can transform post-marketing surveillance into a proactive, dynamic process.

    Leverage The Power of Real-Time Data Monitoring

    Imagine being able to monitor your product’s performance as it unfolds in the real world. With cutting-edge data analytics, this is not just a possibility but a reality.  The AccelarMed Platform comes with a data orchestration module that allows to track claims, clinical, patient-reported data, to integrate with genomic data, and other relevant sources in near real-time, so you can gain a comprehensive view of how your product performs across diverse patient populations.

    Discover Safety Signals and Efficacy Patterns

    Identify safety signals and efficacy patterns through machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive modeling. The AccelarMed AI-driven analytics can sift through vast amounts of data, identifying potential adverse effects or trends in treatment effectiveness that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    Optimize Treatment with Insight into Patient Trajectories

    Understanding patient trajectories is essential for optimizing treatment outcomes. By analyzing longitudinal data with AccelarMed PathwayPro, you can determine which treatment regimens lead to better outcomes for specific patient subgroups or which patient characteristics are associated with higher success rates. This knowledge enables you to refine your product offerings and tailor interventions to enhance efficacy.

    Optimize Coverage, Reimbursement and Benefit Design with Precision

    Leverage ML models to examine with precision the cost effectiveness of different patient pathways. You can create impact analysis, business opportunity evaluation and patient-centered value driven ROI models. This will enable a fine-tuned coverage and reimbursement evaluations based on a trusted, up-to-date information.

    Get Suggestions for Targeted Interventions

    As a healthcare provider, payer, or regulator gain actionable insights to inform treatment decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance public health policy. AccelarMed suggests opportunities for engagement of relevant stakeholders to address patient safety, utilization, coverage and accessibility areas.

    Review our resources to see showcases:

    Patient Journey Insights in Cancer

    Patient Journey Insights in Autoimmune Diseases

    Learn how you can augment your Big Data and AI ecosystem with pre-built patient journey data models, national claims data and clinical studies:

    Data as an Infrastructure – cloud or on prem

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    Approval Clarity and Revenue Growth

    Stay Ahead of Payment Trends and Improve Approval Rate with AI-Driven Insights

    Our cutting-edge AccelarMed AI platform helps healthcare, life science and biotechnology organizations navigate the complexities of reimbursement and unlock payment potential in real-time.

    Maximize Approval Rates

    Predict denial risk with precision and uncover targeted interventions to boost approval rates. By analyzing the root cause of potential denials, our system provides actionable recommendations, such as refining diagnoses and procedure codes, to ensure claims are accurate and complete before submission.

    With AccelarMed OptiClaim Pro, you’ll have the power to anticipate denials in real-time and find mitigation strategies, maximizing revenue and minimizing frustration.

    Effortless Transactions: Seamlessly connect with your RCM for a hassle-free experience

    The AccelarMed AI platform seamlessly integrates with your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system through REST API, embedding our advanced logic into the claim submission workflow. This enables real-time evaluation of payment risk and targeted intervention suggestions to minimize denials.

    Smart Learning: Unlock Payer Intelligence

    Our pre-trained models have been refined over 6 years, analyzing millions of claims data points to develop a deep understanding of payer behaviors, policy guidelines, and the newest emerging evidence from clinical publications.

    With AccelarMed OptiClaim Pro you gain instant access to new coverage opportunities based on new treatment pathways that align with your product’s strengths. Align your pricing and reimbursement to the tangible value your product brings to patients and payers.

    Clarity in Action: Inform your Strategy and Planning

    Our intuitive dashboards and reports provide a clear, data-driven snapshot of the AI-driven insights, instantly highlighting areas of opportunity for improvement. At a glance, users can identify trends, patterns, and anomalies that may be impacting revenue performance. Moreover, our visualizations empower proactive intervention planning, aligning with long-term goals of payer and provider engagement.

    Get Suggestions for Targeted Interventions

    With actionable recommendations, users can develop with ease targeted strategies to address identified gaps. For instance, with AccelarMed Lumina you can generate justification letters or newsletters, enabling personalized communication with payers and providers to resolve issues and prevent future denials.

    Review our resources to see showcases:

    Patient Journey Insights in Cancer

    Patient Journey Insights in Autoimmune Diseases

    Learn how you can augment your Big Data and AI ecosystem with pre-built patient journey data models, national claims data and clinical studies:

    Data as an Infrastructure – cloud or on prem

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    Big Data and Patient Journey Analytics for Precision Medicine & Value-Based Contracting

    Big Data and Cognitive Computing for Precision Medicine & Value-Based Contracting

    Precision Medicine is transforming health care by shifting from “one-size-fits-all” to considering the variability of genes, environment factors and lifestyle preferences of patients in designing highly individual treatment and prevention plans.

    AccelarMed is designed as an adaptable, flexible and scalable Cognitive Computing Platform leveraging Big Data, Predictive Analytics and AI to power the transformation of Oncology care delivery models through personalized medicine – with the right treatment, at the right time and in the right dose and set of services.

    AccelarMed enhances the traditional provider performance analysis by leveraging vast amount of health data and applying advanced AI/machine learning models and real-time analytics:

    Identify Complex Narrow Patient Cohorts using Advanced Analytics and AI to quantify relationships between outcomes and very specific patient characteristics:

    • Genomic Information
    • Clinical Information including diagnoses, medical history, treatment plans (surgeries, chemo-, radiation and drug therapies) etc.
    • Lab Results such as LDH levels, calcium serum, hemoglobin levels, platelet counts, white cell counts, examination of lymph nodes, erythrocyte sedimentation rates,
    • Lifestyle data such as BMI, history of smoking etc.
    • Various scores (Karnofsky score, ECOG score, Gleason grading), AJCC staging information etc.
    • Survival rates

    The Machine Learning algorithms can identify patient cohorts with similar characteristics and the specific combination of medications and treatments which are linked to better outcomes and higher survival rates.

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    Define Value-Based goals for Quality, Cost and Utilization and monitor performance tailored to the specifics of the identified narrow patient cohorts

    • Aggregate clinical, quality and financial data into one frame
    • Identify feasible cost and quality thresholds using the AccelarMed “Best Practices” Dashboards and Reports and actionable insights into cost, quality and utilization across the continuum of care for the patient cohorts and across the enterprise business lines.
    • Tracking of key financial, quality and utilization metrics against the defined targets – on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
    • Actionable insights into cost, quality and utilization, unwarranted variations of services compared to selected benchmarks with a high level of granularity across the enterprise service lines, geographic areas, facilities, provider groups and individual providers
    • Identify Virtual Provider Teams and Individual Providers that deliver most effective and efficient care for the identified patient cohorts

    Identify Opportunity for Improvement:

    • Tailor treatment plans to the specific needs of patients based on the identified best practices
    • Identify most effective treatments and medication doses and eliminate wasteful use of services and resources not related to improved outcomes
    • Reduce complications and adverse reactions to drugs
    • Referral of patients to providers with “best practices” outcomes, cost and utilization pattern for specific conditions/treatments
    • Negotiate mutually beneficial value based contracts between payers and providers that reflect the specific complex patient cohorts

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    Review our resources to see showcases:

    Patient Journey Insights in Cancer

    Patient Journey Insights in Autoimmune Diseases

    Learn how you can augment your Big Data and AI ecosystem with insights from pre-built patient journey data models, national claims data and medical literature:

    Data as an Infrastructure – cloud or on prem

    Accelerate Growth with AccelarPath

    Optimize Pathways in the Enterprise Value Chains

    There are millions of ways how companies can flow their assets and products through the supply chain. Our ML algorithms process the millions of supply chain pathways and their combinations and identify the pathways with highest value according to your companies goals: improving ROI, customer satisfaction, optimizing delivery times and many others – high complexity in 3 easy steps:

    • Identify possible manufacturing and supply chain pathways based on historical data from order entries, inventory levels, fulfillment, relevant events captured in the manufacturing or service processes combined with strategic considerations such as network strategies, transportation modes etc.
    • Simulate impact on ROI, production or delivery time, etc.
    • Identify highest value pathways for overall optimization.

    Forecast Demand Reliably

    We help operations leaders strike the balance between the just-in-time and just-in-case  production and storage models through a robust and adaptive planning:

      • Twelve (12) months ahead demand forecasting on a weekly basis
      • Breakdown of demand forecasts per customers, product families, lines and individual products and many more.
      • Leverage numerous external and enterprise-wide factors
      • Continuous improvement of forecasting algorithms accuracy through ML driven ongoing detection of new factors with impact on enterprise workflows and supply chains

    Receive Recommendations for Interventions, Alerts and Notifications

    Receive recommendations, alerts or notifications per email or text, when:

        • A certain action is recommended – e.g. placing an order, increasing the inventory level etc.
        • An increased risk for service or supply chain failure is detected

    Watch Video: Find the pathways delivering best overall value = best outcomes for dollar spent.

    What we cover:

      1. The Challenge: examples of staggering wasteful spending and lost revenue opportunities (0:00)
      2. The Solution: Identify Value Pathways (01:42)
      3. Why MSIDE Solutions (02:40)

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