MSIDE Smart Decisions: the ultimate solution for safe medication storage for pharmacies, caregivers and patients at home

In this post we discuss the AccelarMed analytics platform and MSIDE Smart Decisions – products of MSIDE Solutions.


Benefits at a glance:

Improve patient safety and satisfaction:

    • Monitor medication storage at patient’s home – ensure that medications and infusion solutions are kept at appropriate storage locations and conditions (refrigerated or room temperature and humidity) in the convenience of the patient’s home
    • Deliver patient-tailored instructions, tips and recommendations – at the fingertips of patients and caregivers
    • Transform daily routines into engaging and enjoyable educational experiences – deliver supply recommendations, nutrition plans and food recommendations directly to the shopping list on the refrigerator door or any mobile device of patients and caregivers

Increase Productivity for your Staff

    • Reorder supplies in a timely and effective manner – give your staff and patient’s caregivers the tools to remotely monitor supplies and their storage conditions and reorder in a timely manner
    • Use AI Assistant – a GPT-3 enabled natural language processing tool trained on general data to find answers to your questions contextual to the tasks at hand (Beta)

Save costs, Increase ROI

    • Find the most efficient inventory management and medication storage whether at your facility or at patient’s home
    • Reduce waste of medications due to improper storage
    • Find opportunities for savings through optimizing treatment pathways with AI enabled analytics 
    • Simulate and evaluate the cost efficiency and effectiveness of the different treatment and supply chain pathways

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Market leaders have long recognized our AI-enabled market approach for value-driven outcome  and ROI modeling for specialty drugs. As an example, an article in Pharma Boardroom  outlining how AI can be leveraged to enable new drug marketing models for specialty drugs as well as to identify qualifying populations and measure cost savings and outcomes – has referenced our platform AccelarMed.

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