Customizable Advanced Analytics Platform for all Value-Based Payment Initiatives

AccelarMed: the One-Stop Platform for your Value-Based Programs

Customize and tailor the comprehensive AccelarMed BI, Advanced Analytics and AI platform to the specific requirements of the CMS Advanced Alternative Payment models, Commercial as well as Medicaid Managed Care Value Based Programs. Use the comprehensive Self-Service capabilities for focused analysis and rapid identification of improvement interventions to ensure, that all Value-Based Programs are on track across the enterprise service lines as well as all involved provider partners.

An End-to-End solution with Best Practices Dashboards and Reports for a unified view on all your Value-Based Programs

AccelarMed is an end-to-end BI and Analytics solution for the entire life cycle of  your Value-Based Programs:

Identify Opportunity for new Value-Based Contracts based on comprehensive actionable insights on total and/or episodic cost of care, reimbursement, quality, variation patterns, provider partnerships and referral patterns. Organizations can easily identify patient populations and/or episodes with high treatment cost, low quality and unwarranted variations in cost and utilization. These areas are typically regarded as not-profitable by payers and represent high risk for the business model of care delivery organizations. These areas represent opportunity for care redesign and achieving a sustainable reimbursement model from payer and provider perspective.

Define Cost, Efficiency and Quality Targets:

  • Identify feasible cost and quality thresholds using the AccelarMed “Best Practices” Dashboards and Reports and actionable insights into cost, quality and utilization, unwarranted variations of services across the enterprise business lines and compared to selected benchmarks.
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms with flexible configuration capabilities to proactively identify high-cost patient cohorts and tailor the analysis to the specifics of the particular served population.
  • State of the art risk analysis algorithms based on the CMS HCC, CMS RxHCC, the ESRD/PACE, HHS-HCC, Charlson-Deyo Risk, Readmission and LOS risk

Measure Outcomes and Monitor Performance:

  • Ongoing monitoring and tracking of key financial, quality and utilization metrics against the defined targets – on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Interactive Dashboards with intuitive color coding to easily identify “high performing, best practices” as well as “low performing, with high potential for improvement” providers
  • Actionable insights into cost, quality and utilization, unwarranted variations of services compared to selected benchmarks with a high level of granularity across the enterprise service lines, geographic areas, facilities, provider groups and individual providers
  • Ability to compare performance of the various Value-Based Programs across the enterprise business lines and participating providers and intuitive overview over profitability of the various Value-Based Programs

Design improvement initiatives:

AccelarMed offers sophisticated data exploration and “what-if” analytics tools to identify and evaluate various interventions and simulate their expected impact on the overall performance and bottom line of your organization, such as:

  • Evaluate impact of potential changes in referral pattern on overall reimbursement, shared savings and bonus
  • Evaluate impact on quality improvement on the various Value-Based Programs
  • What-if analysis on the impact of reductions in utilization on the overall reimbursement and margins
  • What-if analysis on the impact of outsourcing of certain services on selected high performing provider partners and many more.
Highly customizable Platform with extensive Self-Service Capabilities for maximum flexibility

In addition to the standard out-of-the box Interactive Dashboards, AccelarMed allows business analysts to:

  • Ability to easily customize the available interactive dashboards and reports to the particular requirements of the Value-Based Programs – total cost of care or episode based
  • Configure Scorecards for provider performance to define performance categories and hierarchies such as
    • Clinical Performance (“Acute Care Quality”, “Quality in Outpatient Settings”, “Quality in Professional Settings”, “Transitional Care Quality”) and
    • Financial Performance (e.g. Clinical Operations, Partner Value, Utilization)
  •  Use comprehensive Self-Service Capabilities for deep-dive analysis and creation of custom Dashboards and Reports